The ms58000 is an optical transceiver which combines an EML laser driver/CDR with a high-performance Burst Mode Limiting Amplifier. It can be used in XGPON1 and XGSPON systems while the Burst Mode limiting amplifier for OLTs.

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   Operation range:

   9.8Gb/s to 10.3Gb/s reference-free CDR

   Low power consumption:

     •   750mW typical from a 3.3V supply and a 1.7V supply, with the laser driver biased at 80mA bias current and 1.9Vpp single-ended swing.

   Key Functions Improve Performance

     •   EAM/EML laser driver with integrated Low power design to enable<1.5W OLT modules

     •   Selectable 2.5Gb/s to 10Gb/s Burst Mode Limiting Amplifier 

     •   Integrated AC-coupling capacitors and discharge FETs for optimal signal integrity

     •   Rate Select function for improved receiver sensitivity

     •   Reset to enable fast Signal Detect

     •   Integrated transmit Jitter Filter to ensure robust jitter generation performance and margin to the XGPON1/XGSPON standards

   Highly-configurable TX programmable features:

     •   TX Input CTLE

     •   TX Fault indication 

     •   Tx Output Eye Reemphasis

     •   TX Output polarity invert and mute

     •   LD Bias TX Disable masking feature

     •   Integrated laser safety features

   Integrated ADC to enable DDMI compliant implementation.

     •   I2C Digital control with the SDA and SCL pins are compatible with both 1.8V and 3.3V I2C termination voltages

   OLT modules for XGPON1/XGSPON 

   Combo PON XFP and SFP+ OLT modules 

* For detailed specification, Please contact with us.
* For detailed specification, Please contact with us.